Schumacher escapes unhurt in a macabre crash at the notorious Marina Bay Circuit

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Michael once again demonstrated that the same levels of adrenaline still flow through his body as he crashed his car into the back of Sergio Perez’s Sauber in a failed attempt to overtake the Mexican.

Michael’s marquee flipped up at the front and slammed into the safety barriers. “He was about to go inside and lifted, and I was not expecting him to do that so early, and therefore hit him,” said a Schumacher and called the incident 'a misunderstanding.'

He added, “It's probably one of those race incidents which look more impressive from outside than from inside, as I am totally ok and my impact in the end was not too heavy”.

The incident reminded of his old daredevilry and seemed to resuscitate his tussle with the F1 Stewards as the Cardinal Sin of unrestrained overtaking earned him another reprimand. The race was in its 30th lap when the 42-year-old seven-time champion clipped the back of Perez's Sauber as his Mercedes got lifted and crashed into the barriers ending his race. The impact of the collision looked quite powerful and Michael was extremely lucky to escape unscathed. Perez too was unhurt in the collision, and also managed to finish tenth. A very disappointed Schumacher told the reporters, "It was a pity because my car and the tyres worked well and therefore the pace was very good. I will look ahead to the next races and hope to have better endings."

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