Amber Lounge party at Indian Grand Prix

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Amber Lounge - VIP Nightlife Experience

Amber Lounge parties are one of the most sought after parties at Grand Prix weekends. Only Four Grand Prix weekends this year were nominated to be the destination for Amber Lounge Parties that includes Monaco, Singapore, Delhi and Abu Dhabi.

It's a pride for Indian Grand Prix to be part of Amber Lounge party in its inaugural year.

Amber Lounge , which was given shape by Sonia Irvine (sister of ex-Ferraristar Eddie Irvine ) will host the event in October 2011 at 'The Claridges Hotelin Surajkund, Delhi'. It will host two parties during the weekend .

Amber parties are conducted at dazzling locations, breathtaking scenery and exquisite cuisines in beautiful surroundings, plus unlimited fine wines and a five star service. Amber Lounge Dining has in-house restaurant.

Exclusive race viewing is offered through Amber Lounge Hospitality who tailor unique VIP experiences around the Grand Prix weekends. Amber Lounge selected few have the privilege to meet the F1 Drivers. Their hospitality includes F1 Driver Appearances, Paddock Clubs, VIP Yacht Hospitality, Viewing Suites & Terraces, Hotels and Private Events.

Pricing of Amber Lounge:

The dance floors table would cost 15,000 Euros which will have 8 guests that also comes with waitress service and hostess service to ensure guest receive red carpet treatment all the time. Located around dance floor will be surrounded by VIP's and celebrities. Unlimited drinks on the house.

The VIP Table section would cost 8950 Euros for 8 guests, that comes with both waitress and hostess service. But the table is located away from dance floor in the heart of action. Unlimited Drinks.

The classic tables would cost 5200 Euros per 8 guest. Classic tables are already sold out sunday. Unlimited Drinks.

Individual Passes that would cost 650 Euros on Saturday and 800 Euros on Sunday per person. Located at Moroccan terrace. Unlimited Drinks.

Amber Lounge Dining that would cost 250 Euros per person with 8 guests on the table per night. It includes three course gourmet meal and unlimited complimentary drinks. Saturday is already sold out.

For India, Amber Lounge has contracted a specialist furniture maker in India to create their signature interior and exterior looks. With a capacity of just 800 guests, this is party made for VIPs. Unlike venues that hold 2000 to 3000 people, Amber Lounge is extremely intimate. Guests can get up close and personal with the celebrities, F1 drivers and VIPs. With tables nestled around the club, it is quite the norm for guests to have any number of F1 drivers at the table next to them, dancing on the dance floor and high fiving them from the DJ booth. Entertainment at Amber Lounge comes from internationally renowned DJs and Live Acts. All Amber Lounge Grand Prix parties include a luxurious Club Lounge plus stunning outdoor terraces and accommodate 800 party-goers.

Sumptuous white sofas, glossy black tables and gleaming silver ice buckets filled with Champagne bottles will be set against a backdrop of signature Amber Lounge colours displayed through an array of colour lighting and creative branding. Deep reds, soft velvets and draping curtains will create a tranquil setting for the Indian chill out terrace, set outside of the club.

With a red carpet entrance and their own in house security team all guests with an Amber Lounge pass has the VIP entrance and access they deserve.

Regardless of who wins the main race, the Amber Lounge is sure to provide the entertainment for the price paid and the luxury they offer. The event presumably would be a memorable one for those who wish to see the F1 stars and noted celebrities from Bollywood town that are avid F1 fans.

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